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At Charlesworth (VC) Primary School we teach children positive self-discipline in an ethos and environment where everyone respects each other and takes responsibility for their own behaviour.

We promote a Christian ethos where children are encouraged to develop personal Values for Life that will enable them to grow into, and contribute to, their various communities and beyond. This is achieved through setting clear expectations and boundaries; encouraging children to follow those guidelines and rewarding good behaviour; responding quickly and in a graded response when these guidelines are not followed and supporting those children who find managing their emotions and behaviour difficult.

As an Attachment Aware lead school, we understand that behaviour is often the external sign of unmet attachment needs. Often behaviour management is a ‘find and fix’ process that manages situations but has little impact on preventing it happening in the first place.


At Charlesworth School, all behaviour policy and practice seeks to understand the reasons behind the behaviour in order to ‘predict and prevent’ behaviours.


Please click here to view the behaviour policy

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